Best Books for Busy Moms

Like many moms, I am a busy mom, so I wanted to share a list of what I consider to be the best books for busy moms.

No matter how hectic life gets, I always try to prioritize reading with Penelope because it’s a massively important investment in her future and the easiest way I can think of to bond with her. Whereas in the past I had more free time for reading, I now need to choose books that fit my crazy time constraints without leaving my little one feeling short changed. Through this process I’ve discovered a handful of go-to books, which I am calling my best books for busy moms.

Best Books for Busy Moms

The Giant Jumperee

I can’t get enough of Julia Donaldson, author of Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. This darling book is about a baby frog who scares the bejeezus out of the other animals in the forest until mama frog comes along and reminds this little troublemaker who the real boss is. Obviously, any mom can relate and busy moms will love this quick read.

Tea with Oliver

A heartwarming story about a mouse named Philbert who yearns to befriend a cat named Oliver. Philbert’s attempts are largely thwarted until the very end of the story when OliverΒ finally pays attention and the two enjoy a lovely little tea party. Author and illustrator Mika Song is crazy talented and, coincidentally, also the illustrator of my forthcoming children’s book Cancer Hates Kisses.

A Perfect Day

It’s a perfect day in the backyard and until bear comes along and wreaks havoc. Inspired by a bear who really did amble into author Lane Smith’s backyard, this rapid read has a surprise ending that will have you and your little one giggling together. Reading this book will make your day a perfect day even if it is also a crazy busy day.

Little One

I recently discovered the treasure trove of delightful books from Peachtree Publishers in Atlanta. This short story is about a mama bear who teaches her brand new baby bear the ways of the world. It’s a subtle reminder that even as busy moms, we have much to teach our babies. I’m also a huge fan of these Stanley books by Peachtree. They’re an equally quick read and perfect for preschoolers.

Found Dogs

This book was a gift from my editor extraordinaire at Penguin and Penelope can’t get enough of the clever canine counting rhymes. The book counts up all the different dogs at a city shelter and then counts down as each dog is adopted. For busy moms who want to ensure their preschoolers can count to at least ten, this is the book for you!

I Wish You More

This book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is so loving, it’s likely to incite tears. Don’t read it if you have to jump from story time to a video call, a mistake this busy mom definitely made.