Five Fun Alphabet Books

Though we have several alphabet books in our home library, with Penelope’s voracious appetite for learning letters, I needed a break from the books we already read at least 100 times. Here are five fun alphabet books we found at our local library.

Happy ABC’ing!

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Five Fun Alphabet Books

u-is-for-underwearU is for Underwear by Jesse Levison This is one of my favorite baby books to give people because there’s a pair of tighty whities on the cover of the book (eww…). The illustrations are crisp and simple and it’s a board book, so obviously it fits easily into a purse, a murse, or a diaper bag for some on-the-fly ABC’ing.



apple-pie-abcApple Pie ABC by Alison Murray This book is an unexpected gem. It’s an alphabet book that tells the story of a persistent little puppy who is determined to devour a freshly baked apple pie. Penelope loved this story so much we read it five times in a row and then she read it again before bed with Kyle. Note: If you can’t find this on Amazon, get it from your local library.

A apple pie / B bake it / C cool it / D dish it out

the-alphabet-from-the-skyThe Alphabet from the Sky by Benedikt Grob & Joey Lee Think Where’s Waldo meets the alphabet meets aerial photography. If you want an ABC book that will make you flex your brain muscles, this one is awesome. Each photograph is from a different part of the United States and, coincidentally, has either buildings or landscapes that happen to form a particular letter of the alphabet. The trick is to find the hidden letter in each photograph. Admittedly, Penelope found a few of the letters before I did because she is smarter than me.


abc-dreamABC Dream by Kim Krans There are certain children’s books I read and think to myself, I want to rip out these pages and frame them because they are so ABC Dreamgorgeous. One of these days, I will do exactly this and I will do it with this book. The artwork in this ABC book is, quite literally, a dream. Each page shows a letter of the alphabet and then illustrations of words that start with that letter.

bruno-maris-abcBruno Mari’s ABC Originally published in 1960, the retro artwork in this alphabet book is awesome. I also want to rip these pages out of the book and frame them, but I think it would be weird to have a whole bunch of framed letters around my house like I’m some kind of crazy ABC lady or something. In addition to great art, this book has alliterative phrases for each letter of the alphabet. I would recommend this book for toddlers learning their ABCs and elementary students learning about alliteration. This book could totally fit within a poetry unit of study as a mentor text! #onceateacheralwaysateacher

S / a Sack / of Stars / and Snow / for Santa Claus / and a Sign / all kinds of Shells / even a Ship / and a Stone


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